Sunday, May 17, 2009


[Bm] [F#m] [G] [D] [Em] [A] [Bm]
I [Bm] stand [F#m] alone in the[G] dark [D] ness
The [Em] winter of my [A] life [Bm] came so [F#] fast
[Bm] Memories [F#m] go back to [G] childhood [D]
[Em] To days I [A] still [Bm] recall

[Bm] Oh how [F#m] happy I [G] was [D] then
[Em] There was no [A] sorrow [Bm] there was no [F#] pain
[Bm] Walking [F#m] through the [G] green [D]fields
[Em] Sunshine [A] in my [Bm] eyes
Im still [G] there every [A] where
Im the [D] dust [A] in the [Bm] wind
Im the [G] star in the [A] northern [Bm] sky
I never [G] stayed any [A] where
Im the [D] wind [A] in the [Bm] trees
Would you [G] wait for [A] me fore [Bm] ver ?


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