Sunday, February 16, 2014

Small bridge house: side to side

This compact house touches the earth lightly, and as its name points out, it is designed as a narrow bridge connecting two rocky banks above a billabong (a small lake formed by a change in the watercourse).
I love the fact that the house has such a small footprint; supported by steel trusses and anchored by four small concrete piers, the structure hovers above the watercourse, amongst the trees in an almost untouched beautiful setting.

It serves as the new home of a South Australian couple, with only 110 sq. meters of space, consisting of a single bedroom, an open plan living area and kitchen, and a home office/guest room.
Large glass walls on each side of the house open indoor spaces to the natural surroundings and a magnificent gum tree.
Several elements keep the house heated during cold weather: a dark concrete floor that stores heat, a wood combustion heater, and double glazing to retain the heat.
In summer, perforated steel louvres shade the north facing windows; the narrow form of the bridge house allows cross ventilation, and combined with ceiling fans, keep the space nice and cool.
This sustainable house is completed with solar hot water heating and solar panels positioned on the garage roof, as well as three tanks to collect rainwater.


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