Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hot girl Elly Tran on foreign press

More and more the Vietnamese hotgirl proved attractive and extensive coverage in its scope not only Vietnam but also spread to other countries as Korea, China, Thailand ...

- Elly Chen
Known from a beauty contest for female gamers, Elly was Quickly hailed by the press to own a baby face, body with sexy curves and round a special and "oversized".
That time the title "hotgirl with a terrible past" in Vietnam has been devoted to a woman other than the home crowd if Hanoi of should not stop there, the name Elly Chen may not be remembered until today.
The Vietnamese girl hot 'hot' on Foreign press
The Vietnamese girl hot 'hot' on Foreign press
The Vietnamese girl hot 'hot' on Foreign press
The Vietnamese girl hot 'hot' on Foreign press
We all know, Elly is the online community known in some Asian countries like China, Korea ... you helped her photograph was signed by a company in Korea late in 2009.
Between 2010, the bikini pictures hit Elly khi up on the island of Phu Quoc is posted on Sohu - the leading newspaper in China, people Even more surprised at the level of coverage This image of her birth in 1987.
Most recently, in April last, netizens phen was "stunned" when seeing the pictures "not sexy" by Elly filled on magazine covers Mar Thailand. That was it hot enough that "burning hands" of her in nhiều Asian countries.
Not only that, Elly đó cũng proved she is a smart and know when maximize the image and its coverage to cleverly Promote Vietnam's tourism. The film, the image, reality show ... the presence of Elly always getting the Attention of a part of audience, Especially young audiences. And of course, Elly Chen is a Household name in favor of the class art projects losses due not just stop at the shooting.


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