Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Seismic activity continues off Fukushima

Japanese weather officials say seismic activity is continuing off Fukushima Prefecture after a magnitude-7.4 earthquake struck the area early Tuesday morning.

They are urging people to stay alert for another possible tremor of the same strength which could strike within the next 7 days.

The officials say they had observed 85 quakes registering 1 or higher on the Japanese scale of zero to seven by 11 AM on Wednesday.

Tuesday's quake caused a 1.4-meter tsunami at Sendai Port in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. That's the highest in the country since the huge 2011 earthquake struck the region.

Fishermen in Higashimatsushima City in the prefecture went to local ports on Wednesday to check for damage.

They said about 40 percent of 700 rafts at Satohama Port, which are used for farming seaweed, were piled up or had become entangled with one another.

Yoshinori Shitara, an official with a local fishery association, said they had just recovered from the disaster 5 years ago. He said the seaweed crop had been good this year and that he feels disappointed.

Fishermen at another port worked to salvage a ship capsized by tsunami waves. They were also trying to recover its anchor.

One fisherman said that a powerful typhoon hit the area earlier this year and he was sad to see this kind of damage again.

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