Monday, November 28, 2016

Workshop on COP 22 outcome and plan for Paris Agreement implementation

GIZ and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on November 23 hold a workshop on the outcome of COP 22 and the plan for the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Hanoi.

workshop on cop 22 outcome and plan for paris agreement implementation hinh 0
Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Country Director said at global level, UNDP commits to providing long-term support to the Paris Agreement, helping countries to deliver on their climate commitments as well as achieve the SDGs.
In Vietnam, we are proud of good partnership with the government and development partners in preparing NDC, and in operatizing the Paris Agreement’s commitments, including demonstration of low-carbon, green-growth models that are grounded in sectors, cities and provinces, she said.
With relevant climate-proofed policies and incentives in place, Vietnam now has opportunities to access to global finance such as Global Environment facility, Green climate Fund (GCF) and other international finance mechanisms to install resilient financing for infrastructure investments.
Vietnam sets a good example of mobilizing climate finance from GCF by obtaining an award of 29.5 million dollars for the project “Improving the Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to Climate Change Related Impacts” with UNDP support, she noted.
UNDP committed to help Vietnam move towards inclusive and sustainable development, that benefits all Vietnamese people, she said.
Anna Shreyoegg, Chief Technical Advisor of NAMA Project, GIZ Vietnam, said Vietnam has proofed its strong commitment to combat climate change at domestic and at global level, Vietnam also obtained a leadership role for the region.
The Government of Germany through GIZ will continue to support Vietnam in its important endeavour to implement the Paris Agreement and thereby its NDC. This will inter alia be ensured through on-going projects but also through new projects that will be committed this year in the volume of EUR18 million in the context of its international climate initiative, she said. 


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