Friday, December 9, 2016

Vietnam urged to invest in renewable energy

PANO – Vietnam should enhance using artificial intelligence, clean and renewable energy resources and developing a smart power grid towards a sustainable economy, noted foreign enterprises ata seminar named “Vision of Vietnam by 2025”, which was organized by the Swedish Embassy on December 8 in Hanoi.
Representative of ABB Vietnam Ltd. James Mullen at the seminar
At the seminar, James Mullen, representative of ABB Vietnam Ltd. (ABB), said that hydropower currently accounts for about 34 percent of the electricity capacity of Vietnam. Currently, renewable wind and solar energy is dominating the world. Meanwhile, investment in renewable energy in Vietnam is shrinking. The total investment in renewable energy in Vietnam in 2014 was estimated at USD 67 million, plunging from USD 821 million in 2009. Therefore, ABB recommended that the Vietnamese government increase investment in renewable energy.
According to ABB’s representative, the group is coordinating with Vietnam’s electricity sector to develop a smart power grid in Vietnam. The plan is divided into three phases, 2012-2017, 2017-2022 and post-2022.
During the workshop, participants also discussed technological development in Vietnam. According to Country Manager of Ericsson Vietnam and Myanmar Jan Wassenius, consumers in the world, including Vietnam, are increasingly familiar with the use of automatic applications. For instance, self-driving cars will be more popular in the future.
Translated by Thuy Duong


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