Thursday, December 8, 2016

Visiting insect markets in Hoa Binh

Many kinds of insects are sold at markets in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh’s Lac Son District. The insects have become local specialties.
Re Market in An Nghia Commune and Lam Hoa Market in Vu Lam Commune open every other day.

The main products of the market are different kinds of inspects such as silkworms, locusts and worm eggs.

These insects are sold well as they have become specialties for local residents, particularly when they treat guests.

The inspect prices are quite high. A kilo of silkworms cost VND100,000, while the eggs of worms which eat cassava leaves are priced at VND500,000 per gram.

Most of the insects are caught from cassava fields to sell at the market. Many people buy them for food, while others buy them to raise at home

Locusts, the favourite food of many households in Lac Son 
The majority of sellers are from Vu Lam, Tan My and An Nghia communes in Lac Son District

Selling insects bring many families high incomes. Each kilo of insect give a profit of between VND20,000 to VND50,000
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