Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vietnamese start-ups receive support from Google Launchpad Accelerator

Two Vietnamese technology start-ups, namely Haravan and ELSA Speak, were selected to participate in the Google Launched Accelerator programme and given US$50,000 in financial support from Google.

CEO of Haravan Huynh Lam Ho (C) and a representative of Google (R) talk about the Google Launchpad Accelerator.

Google Launched Accelerator is a supporting and training programme for technology start-ups via mentorship, financial support, media support and training programmes to help start-ups promote their potential and do business successfully.

This was the first time two Vietnamese technology start-ups had been selected to benefit from the programme, which was introduced in Ho Chi Minh City on March 17.

Haravan and ELSA Speak have recently completed a two-week training programme by Google in San Francisco, which included intensive workshops and mentoring from Google experts and experts from leading tech firms in Silicon Valley.

In addition, two Vietnamese start-ups will have a six-month working period with Google in Vietnam and they can use Google products.

Haravan CEO Huynh Lam Ho said that the Google Launched Accelerator had helped the company to discover ways to expand their scale and consolidate the cultural identity of their company.

Lam noted that the close partnership between Google experts and Haravan would not be limited to six months, but would be a long-term partnership. In addition, Google tools available to start-ups would create plenty of opportunities and he would be more confident about bringing his business to the world market, Lam said.

Meanwhile, co-founder and CEO of ELSA Speak Vu Van said that he was really impressed by the value that Google brought to his company and that the value of the Google Launchpad Accelerator programme went beyond its monetary value. Nhan Dan


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