Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hanoi to fix public parking on several streets

The Hanoitimes – Hanoi’s 197 Steering Committee (tasked with the implementation of traffic order and safety) has asked the municipal People’s Committee to manage public parking zones on some qualified streets.
The decision was taken to solve an urgent shortage of parking zones during the city’s campaign to free up pavements and return them to pedestrians. According to a survey by the 197 Steering Committee, there are 87 streets in the city that can accommodate car parking zones in accordance with Government regulations.
Of these, 35 have widths of above 14m, and 52 streets have widths from 7.5m to 14m. According to the committee’s proposal, the city’s Department of Transport and police will manage chargeable public parking areas along these roads. Two-way parking, close to the edge of the road, will be applied on two-way streets with widths of above 14m, while one-way parking on streets with widths of between 7.5 and 14m.
To implement the plan, the 197 Steering Committee guided concerned offices to re-examine and research loopholes in traffic and road management, as well as provide advice for the Government and National Assembly to amend and supplement legal documents related to road infrastructure. The city’s Department of Transport will continue finishing standard road markings and signs.
By Tuan Minh


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