Thursday, April 20, 2017

Publishing collection of General Van Tien Dung

PANO – In response to readers’ demands, a collection of General Van Tien Dung’s works has been published by the Army Publishing House, celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the South’s liberation (April 30).
During the two resistance wars against the French and Americans, the name of General Van Tien Dung was attached to historic fights.
Spending nearly 70 years for the revolutionary cause, he became a prestigious strategic officer of the Army, one of the outstanding generals and a revolutionary leader of fighting spirit.
As General Vo Nguyen Giap said, “Comrade Van Tien Dung is among the talented generals of the Army and the most eminent student of President Ho Chi Minh.”
This 1,092 page book has the size of 19cm x 25cm. It includes 4 main parts: “Following Uncle Ho’s road”, “Saving the country from the American imperialists”, “Great victory in Spring” and “People’s War, Whole People’s National Defence”.
In November 1945, he was named Commissar of the second base’s High Command, leading some units fighting against the French on the Southern front and from Yunnan (China) and Sam Nua (Laos) to Lai Chau,
Son La.
Dung in March 1972 commanded the spring-summer campaign to destroy the Sai Gon puppet division and enemy’s defensive system to liberate Quang Tri province.
In the historical Ho Chi Minh campaign, he was appointed commander. With long-term experience in fronts, he directed the daring fighting, breakthroughs to give independence to the South.
Under this collection, there are many writings about brave moments and immortal epics of Vietnam’s Army and its people in the two resistance wars. General Van Tien Dung deeply analysed ideology, guidelines and policies of the leaders to overcome enemy plots.

Translated by Mai Huong


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