Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quang Tri tourism picks up after Formosa pollution disaster

The number of tourists to Quang Tri Province has been on the rise a year after the industry was badly affected by Formosa disaster that caused mass fish deaths in four central provinces.

Tourists have come to Quang Tri Province to visit the historical sites such as the Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge. More international visitors have also visited.

Well-known beaches in the province including Cua Tung, Cua Viet are also receiving more visitors. Moreover, local restaurants can also sell fish and seafood.

Tourists at Cua Tung Beach in Quang Tri Province.
Le Van Manh, a visitor to Quang Tri, said he had been bringing his family to the beach in the past two weeks. "I read that the sea is relatively clean now. My family have frequently come to Cua Viet or Cua Tung beaches," he said.

After shutting down the restaurants for a year to find another job, owners are now returning to repair their restaurants and open business. Dao Van Ky, a local in Cua Viet Town, said even though the number of visitors was still lower than the past, but were increasing each day.

More people have returned to seafood restaurants along the beaches in Quang Tri
Head of the management board of Cua Viet Beach Nguyen Van Thanh said there were 43 restaurants and seven hotels and guesthouses. As the temperatures have been high since early April, people have started returning to the beach. But the number of tourists is only 30% compared to previous years.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quang Tri Province had 346,167 arrivals in the first quarter, of which 37,458 were international tourists.

"Tourism in Quang Tri Province has shown positive signs with increasing number of visitors. This shows that both people's trust and awareness of the problem are changing for the better," said Nguyen Huy Hung, the department director.

The local authorities have been pushing promotions to assure people about seafood and water quality. In order to attract more visitors, they will develop new tour services, work with Con Co Island authorities to effectively exploit the tour there and participate in Quang Tri trade and tourism fair in 2017.


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