Thursday, April 13, 2017

The General Department of Politics concludes working visit to Truong Sa island district

The delegation consisted of leaders from units under the Ministry of National Defense; representatives from ministries and sectors; orators from the whole army’s units.
 Major General Le Hien Van (L) greeting troops on Son Ca Island
During the visit, the delegation inspected the implementation of training missions and combat readiness posture of the units, the Party and political work, and logistics and technical work as well as troops’ material and spiritual life and socio-economic development in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago and DK1 platforms.
Addressing the meeting with troops and civilians of Truong Sa island district, Major General Le Hien Van hailed great efforts of soldiers and people living and working on all islands who had obtained many achievements in training as well as socio-economic development.
He underscored that the Truong Sa archipelago holds an important strategic position in the cause of building the whole people’s defense posture and socio-economic development. Over the past years, troops and civilian islanders have always stood firm in the outpost of the nation and fulfilled all assigned missions to firmly protect the national sovereignty over seas and islands.
He also asked the units to attach great importance to building a firm defensive area, raising the quality of training and combat readiness capabilities, improving troops’ political awareness of overcoming difficulties to firmly protect the national sovereignty over seas and islands.
On this occasion, General Van and his delegation lighted incense at President Ho Chi Minh memorial site, Hung Dao Vuong statue and martyrs’ monuments, and organized a ceremony to commemorate martyrs who laid down their lives in protecting the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago.
During the visit, the delegation also presented gifts of the Ministry of National Defense and the General Department of Politics to troops and people in Truong Sa island district and DK1 platforms.
The PANO would like to introduce some images captured during the visit:
The delegation presents gifts to troops and islanders.
 Planting trees
General Van inquiring after young soldiers 
Meeting people living on the islands
Translated by Minh Anh


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